cover, Chomp: Buddah Jabba Momma
Buddha Jabba Momma (2012)
Full Length LP, 11 songs
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The members of Chomp spend the majority of their days playing in Cloud Nothings (Joe Boyer and Jason Gerycz) and Total Babes (Chris Brown), but in no way does that imply that Chomp is merely a side project for this prolific group of musicians.  The idea for Chomp originated from some of solo Joe Boyer’s (Guitar / Vocals) recordings that were laying dormant and in need of a proper release.  So in between tours the group holed up in their studio in Medina, Ohio, and produced the 11 songs for their debut LP, Buddha Jabba Momma.

At times Chomp evokes the unrelenting pop-attack of Jay Reatard.  At others, the lo-fi energy of No Pocky for Kitty-era Superchunk---with Boyer’s voice even approximating Mac McCaughan---and another legendary Cleveland band, The Mice.  Unifying the songs on Buddha Jabba Momma is the band’s sense of melody and impeccably layered vocal harmonies that contain almost “do-wop” sensibilities.  However, the sonic pallet on Buddha Jabba Momma expands well beyond pop/punk with varied instrumentation and arrangements that illustrate the contributions Joe Boyer and Jason Gerycz have made to Cloud Nothings ever-evolving and ever impressive sound.

The album title, Buddha, Jabba, and Momma is derived from dashboard objects that have accompanied the band on tours in recent years.  Physical reminders of the need for self-improvement, the pull of evil, and the search for love respectively---objects to keep one grounded and focused.  The debut album by Chomp shows that those reminders have not gone unheeded, as they have succeeded in creating an album that is an honest and immediate statement from a band that knows knows what it does, how to do it, and to do it well.

         Track Listing
  1. Standing to Fail
  2. Share Done Waiting
  3. Hammers and Nails
  4. Witch Hunt
  5. Baited
  6. Share Throw Out Your Wishlist
  7. Fresh Wounds
  8. Mind Rape
  9. Mission: Demolition
  10. In Dreams I Pull Out My Teeth
  11. To Save Everything

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