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Dear America, (2012)
Full Length LP, 10 songs
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Track Listing
  1. Share Moonlight
  2. Show Me You Really Want Me
  3. Share Something About You
  4. Opening Night
  5. Invitation
  6. Dear America,
  7. When We're 49
  8. Share Stuck In My Head
  9. Bound to Drop the Ball
  10. Dreams

"Dear America, the bandís poised and thoughtful sophomore full-length is full of big alt-rock swells suggesting the earnestness of Jimmy Eat World, Weezer or Rogue Wave, but the bandís textured guitar tones and frontman Brian Hannonís honeyed vocal brings to mind The Shins and Band of Horses."

- Paste Magazine

"Itís no great leap to call Companyís Dear America ó the Charleston bandís second full-length album ó a remarkably accomplished entry in a still young catalog. The product of a mid-aughts adolescence, the album covers a wide swath of indie-rock territory ó from Weezerís outsized power-pop hooks to the dreamy crescendos of Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket to the melancholy sophistication of The Shins."

- Columbia SC Free Times