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Fantastic Static (2010)
5 songs
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  • Individually Unique Color Vinyl
  • Silkscreened Cover
  • Limited 300 press

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Track Listing
  1. Naked Glass tweet this song
  2. Traffic
  3. Bukarest tweet this song
  4. Notes of Urgency
  5. Pleasure Cruise

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"This is a different animal than the group we saw at the Grog Shop a while back, they have turned into tigers wrapped in sharks surrounded by hurricanes."
- CoolThanks

"I can hear, see, smell and even taste the raw power on Fantastic Static."
- The Heard

"These four girls rocked my socks off"
- Real Detroit Weekly

"their songs throw German, English and French lyrics around between Sonic Youth/MBV influenced guitars. it's grungey, it's post-punky, it's The Duke Spirit-y, it's Metric-y and it's pretty bloody good. "
- Fucking Dance

"Hot Cha Cha have been tearing up local stages with some of the best live shows around town."

- I Rock Cleveland

"the bands mix of old (X-Ray Spex) and new (the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) was pretty addictive and made for an appealing visual display."

- Cleveland Free Times

"HotChaCha inhabit a world where The Slits and the The Raincoats can co-exit in peaceful harmony with Weird Al Jankovic and The Bangles a world where post punk doesn't have to equal po-faced, a world where feminism and humour are not mutually exclusive. Go Try"

- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Their songs are pretty punky, their lyrics may or may not be sung in different languages, and its easy to imagine the intensity and sheer fun of their live show. Check em out if you get a chance."

-The Owl & The Bear