cover, Company - Holy City
Holy City (2011)
Full Length LP, 9 songs
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Track Listing
  1. Moment 0f Silence
  2. Share Waiting For Saints To Arrive
  3. Share Heaven Is Gone
  4. Always Bad
  5. New Tradition
  6. Ridin' With The Devil
  7. Share The Departed
  8. The Shepherd's Ocean
  9. Memories of Childhood

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"[Company] ended up being one of the biggest surprises of my entire SXSW experience. I knew that they have been opening up for Band of Horses on their current tour, so I knew that a band that earned that opening position had to be great, but not as great as they really ended up being. Their sound is very southern rock with a contemporary vibe and the lead singers voice is something special."

- Ryan Allingham

Holy City illustrates the varied and masterful songwriting abilities of Brian Hannon, with some songs akin to the lo-fi warmth and intimacy produced by the other Carolina in the 1990s. While other songs create gentle, psychedelic-Americana sound collages evoking the likes of Band of Horses or Mojave 3.

Consistent throughout the album, however, is the lyrical acumen displayed by Hannon, as he touches on the timeless themes of love, loss, aging, and more. Delivered with cadences and phrasing which at times is reminiscent of James Mercer (Shins), but always maintaining an earnestness and authenticity distinctly unique.

Holy City chronicles Company from their earliest incarnations, with some songs being performed solely by Hannon (Waiting for Saints to Arrive), to some more recent recordings as a full band.