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Like Bells (2009)

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Track Listing
  1. Atlas
  2. Yeti
  3. Can I Say Something to You?
  4. The Streets Themselves
  5. Nothing Collapses
  6. Where is the White?
  7. Fragments
  8. Searching Now
  9. Boiling Springs
  10. Certain Types of Conversation

This is absolutely my favorite album of the year. I can't even say how beautiful each song is. Definitely the most intensely dramatic album I've ever heard. Can I Say Something To You? has the best blend of emotions I've ever heard. Absolutely perfect.

- Ben, comment on CDBaby store page

"So, once the last violin note squeezes out of "Certain Types of Conversation," you know you haven't heard one word on this album, and yet you have heard ten beautifully choreographed stories."

- Critical Listening

"Of course the music can be compared to Do Make Say Think, Foxhole, and Sigur Ros, but the patterns they create on their forthcoming self-titled album are somehow more compelling. The band met at the famed Oberlin College/Oberlin Music Conservatory, and like so many of Oberlin's alumni, they have created an indie gem full of life, Americana, thought, and movement"


"Utilizing a creative guitar player, violinist, drummer, and some computer effects they produce a sound that is larger than life. You'll find yourself wondering how three young men could make such groundbreaking music on their own."

- Shock Mountain

"[Like Bells] music is shape-shifting, experimental and atmospheric. Melodic guitars form the foundation for each track, constantly exploring new sounds from shimmering meandering pieces to pure rock...Like most progressive-rock bands Like Bells' songwriting relies heavily on the quiet/loud formula, but the feeling of déjà vu never rears its ugly head as each shift in structure is executed well and the instrumentals are tight and compelling."

- The Silent Ballet

"this trio of Oberlin College / Conservatory students don't shy away from a catchy melody and songs of pop-song length...utilizing their instruments to their fullest (violin /viola, guitar, drums, cpu) to create songs and arrangements that are both beautifully complex and accessible."

- The POP! Stereo

"it is going to be big."

- Comfort Comes