cover, Herzog - Search
Search (2011)
Full Length LP, 11 songs
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Track Listing
  1. Silence
  2. West Boulevard
  3. Static Shock
  4. Town to Town
  5. Share Living Alone
  6. Share Paul Blart and the Death of Art
  7. Head for the Hills
  8. Moving Away
  9. Steady Hands
  10. Cautiously Optimistic
  11. Slowest Romance

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This is not “Slacker Rock.” This is rock. An “album” in the classic sense of the word---best experienced from start to finish, beautiful in its simplicity and execution.

Think Science Fair-era Apples in Stereo and On Avery Island-era Neutral Milk Hotel, but don’t think that this is a redundant recycling of decades old sounds. As a band, Herzog has a firm grasp on the entirety of the American Songbook, and they seamlessly incorporate elements from Power-pop, country, punk, folk, and more. Trust me, it works! "

"Great news for us Americans! Herzog is the garage-rock project of Clevelander Nick Tolar, who’s debut Search has been a big hit both in the US and UK, after being the first full-album release from UK label Transparent."

- The Noise Is...

"There's something ashtonisingly heartwarming and sincere in the way Tolar makes his way through the day-after feel of his album "Search".

It's made of simple songs about love, friends and his home city Cleveland, accompanied with warm and vibrant fuzz. "

- Stereotype Helsinki

"Herzog have an alt-rock sound, making fuzzy songs that sound like they’ve come straight from the 90s.

Their laid back yet powerful sound recalls lazy summer days spent with friends, with songs that allow you to forget about the perils of modern living and imagine you live in a less stressful world, where your only worries are if the music is loud enough and if you have enough alcohol.

My favourite artist of the week."

- Nietzsche Said it Best

"Ok dudes I’ve listened to this album a few time over the past week and I keep coming back for more. It is outrageously catchy tunes and I want more and more.

What strikes me the most about this album is the soul that comes across in every tune, it brings to mind Built to Spill and the Dreadful Yawns. Listen, I won’t disappoint you with this one! Whatever they’re doing, needs to be done more……."